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Debra J. Horn, LPCCooperation.

Debra J. Horn, LPC

Together we embark on a journey so you can live the life you want.


Adults and teens. We occasionally see young children under combined therapies with a mental health focus.


Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Grief, Relationships, and Life Transitions


Predominantly Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Polyvagal Theory.

small-djoffice2293I learned the close relationship between our body and our emotions; Thus, to this day, my approach is an integrated process addressing all that exists along the physical to an emotional continuum. I understand the delicate and deep relationship the body has on emotions and emotions on the body.

I work closely with trauma and its impact on quality of life, the hard wiring of the brain and the areas of physical and emotional “entanglement”. The path to wellness is through healing the body of these “entangled” areas and facilitating the body to exist in a more integrated and fluid state. The body knows the truth. Using this knowledge heals at a core level.

I draw from a wide range of clinical possibilities, modulating many techniques to meet you at your interface of clinical relevance. I emphasize the importance of working in present time and mindfulness.  I believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Our ability to connect within a nurturing environment provides a framework for many possibilities to exist. I believe play, curiosity, and movement are intrinsic to the therapeutic process. The goal of my work is for you live more fully and to be the creator and active participant of your life.

I believe in the strength of the soul and the endless possibilities of the human spirit. I truly look forward to working with you.

Healing comes in many forms and dimensions. 
It almost always begins with an awareness of self, 
an openness to possibility and willingness for positive change.

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Massage therapy at IPT &C is an integral part of my overall physical health. Lisa understands the total process.

– Peter C.


DJ will be dedicated to you. I am 64 years old and DJ has helped me find the freedom to be the me I always knew was there, but unable to reach.

– Lynn S.


Lisa is the best massage therapist I’ve had.

– Gerry M.


Two surgeons told me I needed surgery on my arm. DJ did a wonderful job and the shoulder is fine. No operation!

Steve P.


Integrated Physical Therapy has allowed my quality of life to remain at a high level. DJ’s system is unique to any other PT that I have experienced.

Peter C.


Simply, a healer.

Carol G.


The office of IPT & C is always a welcoming, friendly place. I feel like my therapy begins as soon as I open the door. There is a calm, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Beth and Lisa are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

Patty R.

Integrated Physical Therapy has been treating my whole family for years.  DJ is masterful at identifying and healing body aches/sprains using hands-on, direct contact that is gentle, relaxing and effective. She genuinely cares for her clients, listens attentively, and offers suggestions for at-home exercises or interventions that support her work.  The entire office staff provides a warm, comfortable and helpful atmosphere.  I am personally blessed to have IPT keep my family healthy and active.

Lisa S