Physical Therapy in Hartford CT

Physical Therapy

At IPT & C, we offer physical therapy for almost all musculoskeletal pathologies from heads and necks all the way down to feet and toes. Consistent with our philosophy, we treat from a holistic perspective: we treat the whole body and not isolated body parts. As part of this process, we encourage our patients to become more aware of their bodies and all the subtle movements or postures that contribute to pain and dysfunction.  Common conditions that we address through physical therapy include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Shoulder/ rotator cuff problems
  • Headaches
  • Posture issues
  • Vertigo/ balance disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Disc issues
  • Nerve pain/ Sciatica
  • Many other conditions

Our bodies are as old as we are; thus there are many subtle layers of restriction that have contributed to postural changes, compensatory movements, changes in biomechanics, weakness, and instability. Through the release of these subtle and web-like strain patterns, we can facilitate better alignment and more fluid movement.

We often see patients pre and post-surgery. Physical therapy prior to surgery is a great way to prepare for the surgery and accelerate rehabilitation afterward. There are also many occasions when the pre-surgery PT resolves the symptoms and surgery is avoided. We see patients post-surgery with the focus on range of motion, pain control, strengthening and return to full function.

Now offering dry needling




Massage therapy at IPT &C is an integral part of my overall physical health. Lisa understands the total process.

– Peter C.


DJ will be dedicated to you. I am 64 years old and DJ has helped me find the freedom to be the me I always knew was there, but unable to reach.

– Lynn S.


Lisa is the best massage therapist I’ve had.

– Gerry M.


Two surgeons told me I needed surgery on my arm. DJ did a wonderful job and the shoulder is fine. No operation!

Steve P.


Integrated Physical Therapy has allowed my quality of life to remain at a high level. DJ’s system is unique to any other PT that I have experienced.

Peter C.


Simply, a healer.

Carol G.


The office of IPT & C is always a welcoming, friendly place. I feel like my therapy begins as soon as I open the door. There is a calm, peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Beth and Lisa are two of the nicest people you could hope to meet.

Patty R.

Integrated Physical Therapy has been treating my whole family for years.  DJ is masterful at identifying and healing body aches/sprains using hands-on, direct contact that is gentle, relaxing and effective. She genuinely cares for her clients, listens attentively, and offers suggestions for at-home exercises or interventions that support her work.  The entire office staff provides a warm, comfortable and helpful atmosphere.  I am personally blessed to have IPT keep my family healthy and active.

Lisa S