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Finding Peace in a Chaotic World @ Greater Hartford Wellness
Sep 23 @ 4:00 pm – 5:50 pm

pebbleFinding Peace in a Chaotic World

DJ Horn, LPC, Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD, and Sharon Smith

Are you feeling stressed or anxious by news headlines?

Have societal events, the political climate, and the news affected your relationships? 

Are you feeling more disconnected in a social media-driven world?

This seems to be a time of great tumult in our society.  A time of polarization, increased discord and conflict has left us feeling more anxious inside and more uncertain about the future.  Relationships are becoming strained as ideologies are more polarized.  It can become hard to find balance and peace when uncertainty surrounds us.

Please join us for the 3-part series Finding Peace in a Chaotic World.

This will be an opportunity to:

  • Share experiences and connect to others
  • Explore self, others, and world
  • Gain new perspective
  • Learn proven tools for being grounded and more present
  • Learn meditation and breathing techniques
  • Learn healthy ways to respond to difficult issues and navigate relationships more effectively.

Reach out and sign up now. Begin making your world a better place.

Where Am I, How Did I Get Here, Where Am I Going? @ West Hartford Yoga
Oct 13 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Presented by: DJ Horn, Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, Sharon Archer Smith
Join us for an exploratory and revealing journey into self. Each of us have beliefs and habits that inadvertently limit our creativity and obstruct our ability to live in the now. This workshop is an opportunity to discover a heightened awareness of self, offering you the tools and guidance to lead your most authentic life.
We will explore how behaviors, choices and other factors create our current lifestyle and reflect on its congruence with our personal values. We will identify forces that distract us from our priorities, so we may increase our potential. 
This exploration will include:
• Gentle Kripalu Yoga and breathing techniques
• Guided experiences in stillness and movement
• Individual and group exercises to build self-awareness
• Journal writing to access intuition
• Experiments with play to encourage and foster creativity
This workshop is perfect for writers, artists, yogis and really anyone ready to be more in touch with their authentic self. The Yoga and movement will be appropriate for all levels and can easily be modified to address needs and concerns.