“Hello, may I help you?” “Yes, I would like an order of one quick fix with a side of instant gratification.” “Anything else?” “Do you deliver?”

Welcome to today’s world where everyone is running around in search of something…maybe it is the quickest thing, the brightest, the biggest, the richest. This running around serves to only disconnect us further from ourselves and each other. We become more scattered and tattered and, yet, we continue the frenetic pace.

Healing and wellness is a process whether this is emotional health or physical health. Seldom is the proverbial quick fix appropriate or available. If that was the case I could just go in the back, get a Band-Aid, and place it over the sore spot.

True healing involves landing in your body and beginning the exploration and awareness process. It is addressing the connections of the body and the emotional aspects and how contributions to pain come from many different places and from different times in our life. Remember, anything that goes unresolved in our life never goes away and may continue to have an effect on our lives. So, when seeking help, be part of the healing journey. Pay attention to what your body and soul need at any given time. Be present and patient at each step. Strive for emotional and physical balance.

I was recently at a brain lecture on motivation and the frontal lobes. Great course. The lecture ended with a discussion of the aging brain absent of pathology. That our brains will age is inevitable; however, we can do three things to help slow the process down.

The first, and most important, is exercise. The second is learning. The third is socialization and interaction. Exercise and socialization (being part of something) are also main contributors to happiness. A Yale study says sitting in stillness and quiet for 10 minutes a day has an effect on happiness. I challenge each of you to create this time in your life. I welcome your thoughts.